Friday, 16 January 2015

Made in India

Made In India by Meera Sodha

One of the gifts from my lovely husband on my last birthday was the Made In India cook book by Meera Sodha, a real gift from him as he doesn't like curry!

I have several Indian cook books but this one beats the lot hands down.  It is very down to earth with lovely every day meals to make all with beautiful colour photographs and straight forward instructions. 

The book also tells Meera's personal story with food and gives an insight into Indian customs and traditions for each recipe.

The garlic chicken chaat is delicious as are the baked masala chips and mint chutney, I have got post it notes on every other page for recipes that I still want to try such as coriander chutney chicken, whole roast masala chicken, chai spiced chocolate puds and coconut milk fudge.

If you only ever purchase one Indian cook book make it this one.

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