Friday, 9 January 2015

Cooking Magazine Focus - Jaime

I read quite a lot of food magazines (along with all the cook books) but I have to be honest and say that none of them have ever really wowed me.

I regularly read Good Food, Olive and Delicious in fact I have a yearly subscription to the Good Food magazine at the moment because it was on special offer!

I probably only ever make one maybe two recipes from each magazine if I am lucky, some get recycled without me ever having torn out a recipe to keep.

Until...ta dah!

Before Christmas I purchased a copy of the Jamie Oliver magazine (unsurprisingly called 'Jamie'), I was meeting someone for coffee in Costa and I was early so I grabbed it just to read whilst I had time to kill.

My first impression of the magazine was the feel of it, there is no glossy shiny paper as the paper has that 'eco friendly/recycled' feel to it.

Lots of pages, it does seem a bit thicker than the other magazines but it is a bit smaller in overall size.

But the important part is that I found myself thinking "oh I must cook that" for a lot of the recipes.  I haven't torn any pages out because I am keeping the whole magazine.

I have already made a couple of recipes from the November issue including the gingerbread cookie trees that we made as a family on Christmas Eve and the turkey/pork burgers from the December issues are fabulous.

The January issue has just arrived and it is packed full of healthy recipes (like most of the food magazines this month) but the recipes actually make you want to try them.  They also have a section on vegan and raw food this month too that didn't make me quickly turn the page but I actually stopped to read it properly and thought I may try some of them.

So thumbs up to Mr Oliver for producing such a fabulous food magazine full of recipes.

The website below is offering five issues for £9.95 at the moment (half price)

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