Friday, 12 June 2015

Deliciously Ella

My new favourite cookbook...Deliciously Ella

Food has a trend, things go in and out of fashion and at the moment the raw/vegan movement seems to be climbing high.

This book is really just about eating healthy, good, scrummy food but without the need for meat, dairy or wheat products and it is one of the first ones I have come across that doesn't require you to travel to the ends of the earth to resource obscure ingredients although you may need to get one or two that might not be in your store cupboard such as buckwheat and nut butter (both easily available in wholefood stores and most big supermarkets).

So far I have made quite a few of the recipes including warm wild rice salad, creamy polenta, quinoa tabbouleh (which my teenager loved so much she took left overs to school for lunch the next day), cinnamon pecan granola, basil pesto, chickpea flour wraps and lentil, courgette & mint salad and I have a whole load of sticky tabs on pages that I still want to try including sweet potato brownies and banoffee pie...

The book is incredibly well written with the author's own story included and the recipes are well laid out with lovely photos.

Very highly recommended...

Her website is

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